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Congenial Lash Lifting Kit

Imagine waking up to PERFECTLY Curled Lashes everyday without the need to constantly maintain them! Our #1 Congenial Lash Lifting Kit is the BEST solution for making your imagination reality. Use the silicon pads in the Lash Lifting Kit to perm your eyelashes for upto 3 months - the lifetime of an eye lash! You will NEVER need your curler, eyelash extensions or mascara again! Get Salon-Like treatment at the comfort of your home and at a cheaper price. High Quality and Long Lasting, the Lash Lifting Kit will you give you #LashGoals that you can flaunt!

  • #1 Lash Lifting Kit Classic is now 60% OFF
  • Each Kit will last for 18-20 Uses
  • Set your Eyelashes in Minutes and Cherish Results for upto 3 months
  • Perming Lotion allows your lashes to Curl Naturally

What The Kit Includes

Classic Kit:
Perm Lotion x1, Setting Lotion x1, Silicon Lift Pads x5 (Medium & Large), Glue x1, Nutrition Lotion x1, Cleaning Lotion x1

Premium Kit:
Everything in the Classic Kit
Cleaning Y brush  x3, Under Eye Pads x5, Eyelash Brush x5, Cleaning Cotton Swab x10

How To Use
  1. Use the cleanser to remove dust and makeup residue
  2. Put the eye pads on the lower eyelids (under eye)
  3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive onto the upper eyelid of one eye along the lash line. Wait  for 3 seconds. Apply the lift pad along the lash line. Repeat for the other eye
  4. Apply adhesive to the lift pad and use lash comb to lift lashes from the root onto the lift pad until all the lashes are attached, then use the cleaning rod apply Perm Lotion. Cover with cling film leave for 2-5 minutes (Thick Lashes: 4 - 5 Minutes,Thin Lashes: 2 - 3 Minutes)
  5. Remove perm lotion with a cotton bud. Apply Setting Lotion to the lashes and cover with cling film about 2-5 minutes (Thick Lashes 4 to 5 Minutes,Thin Lashes 2 to 3 Minutes)
  6. Remove Setting Lotion with a cotton bud. Use cleanser to remove all the residue. Remove lift pad and comb the lashes
  7. Apply Lash Coating with a lash brush

Note: Please use with caution and under controlled time circumstances. Can cause damage if used incorrectly. DO NOT let the solutions enter your eye. If solution does enter your eye, flush your eyes immediately with cool water till it leaves.

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